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How to Connect Open Banking
How to Connect Open Banking

This article will take you through how to set-up your account to accept open banking payments via the customer portal

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Do you want your customers to pay by open banking directly from the customer portal?

Here is how to set that up:

How to turn on Open Banking?

To link your bank account to the platform follow the below steps:

You can turn on open banking in your Kolleno system by navigating to Settings ➡️ Payments ➡️ Bank Account ➡️ ... ➡️ Edit Icon

Remember you need to have connected an existing bank account to turn on open banking

Toggle On/Off Open Banking:

Which will seamlessly allow your customers to pay to your bank account directly through the customer portal. To activate open banking, you will need your full bank detail including IBAN & BIC.

Key point to note:

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