Getting set-up

It is an easy and quick process to upload your CSV file to the platform go into your settings -> Accounting -> CSV File -> Select upload

Once you have selected upload a separate tab will open

Please select the file you wish to upload ( the delimiter should stay “Comma”)

NOTE: please make sure your file format is CSV UTF-8

Select the date format that matches the date format in the file – a key for the directives is available just click on "view instructions".

Select how your thousands are separated in the desired file and how decimals are delimited.

Select the “Check Only” button.

When the check is complete you will see a check status box at the bottom of the page which will tell you the validity of your file.

When your file is validated go back into choose the file and select Check & Import Data – the message at the bottom of the screen will change to “Congratulations! Your file has now been imported”.

The dashboard will update within a couple of minutes.

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