When setting up a strategy you need to fill in all the required triggers that qualify an assigned customer to start receiving the automated communication.

Here is a breakdown of triggers in each field and what they mean:

  • Minimum Days Overdue - the minimum number of days that any single invoice on each customer account should be overdue for the strategy to be activated e.g. you want to chase all invoices that are 1 day past due then you will need to input 1.

  • Minimum balance overdue – the minimum amount for an invoice to be included in the strategy.

  • Send on weekends – Select if you would like the strategy to be sent on weekends.

  • When should the strategy start? – If you have a particular day that you would like the strategy to start – specific weekday or time of the month.

  • When should the strategy re-start? – The number of days after the strategy has stopped that it should restart. Useful for recurring monthly strategies.

  • The strategy will stop when it ends OR – This is a list of actions that can result in the strategy being stopped.

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