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How to set up templates?
How to set up templates?

This article will look into how to set up templates within the automation dashboard.

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An integral part of setting up Kolleno and, in particular, an automated strategy is to ensure that templates are created in the system.

Automation ➡️ Templates ➡️ Create new Template/Edit existing

Step by Step:

  1. CREATE: In the templates tab you can see the current templates that are set up and edit them as well as add a new template

    1. To edit the existing template – highlight the template you want to edit and select the edit button on the right-hand side

    2. To create a new template select create a new template – this will open a window to allow you to name and categorize the template

    3. Select the next button in the bottom right corner

    4. Here you can choose the subject line & body of your template along with inputting tags for optimal template use. You can easily use it to weather attach an invoice automatically or include your signature or not. Once done you can preview your message and save it.

  2. EDIT: To edit an already existing template go into the automation tab select the relevant templates and select the edit button

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