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Customer contacts

This article will be looking at customer contact and all the features available on the platform.

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Sometimes the contact details that you have on file change or you require to include someone else to get invoices approved quicker. At this point, you need to add a new contact, mark the old contact as inactive, or highlight who your primary contact is.

How to access contacts on a customer?

To add a new contact - Select which customer you want to access, then once in the customer profile , ➡️ select the Configuration - Customer Contacts section.

From here you can add a new contact, manage contact positions and view all contacts on file.

How to add a new contact?

Simply click the add contact button and full in all the details.

Once you have filled in the phone number and clicked save we will verify that the phone number is valid.

How to edit an existing contact?

To edit an existing contact, mark them as inactive, or make a primary contact – select the ellipsis “…” and you will be able to see the dropdown menu as per below.

Learn more about contact roles and positions here

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