• How does the integration with Clio work? Once Kolleno is connected to your Clio account, every time a payment is made, the customer timeline is automatically updated on the platform.

  • Which phone numbers are imported from Clio? We import the numbers from the phone field.

  • How often does the data synchronize? The synchronization will happen in up to 2 minutes and everything done in Clio is soon shown on the Kolleno platform.

  • What data doesn’t get synched? As of right now, the expected payment dates are not pulled across from Clio.

  • How do I disconnect Kolleno from Clio? To disconnect from your Clio account go to your settings ➡️ integrations ➡️ select the ellipses ➡️ select “Disconnect”.

    If you have any other queries, please reach out to us at support@kolleno.com

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