As your team changes it will become necessary to add users to the platform. In Kolleno not only it is easy to add a user to the platform, but it is also easy to select the permissions granted to this user and amend the current user’s access.

Click on your organization icon ➡️ click “Users & permissions” ➡️ invitations tab ➡️ click “+ Add New User”

Detailed Instruction:

1) Click the organization icon in the top left corner of the screen until you see the drop-down menu and click on “Users & Permissions”

Users & Permissions

2) This will give you a list of all current users on your portal – select the “Invitations” tab and click the “Add new users” button

Users Permissions

3) This will then give you a pop-up where you can input the prospective user’s email and grant them permissions. Once you have filled in all the details, select "send invitation".

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